Jonathan's Infinity Resources

I've made or contributed to a number of different projects for the miniatures game Infinity. Here you can find a central listing of all of them, with information and links.

Infinity Dice Calculator

This is a statistical tool that allows you to evaluate various game scenarios and calculate the probability of actions succeeding or failing. Unlike previous tools (such as my inspiration, Infinity Math), this tool provides built-in access to unit profiles, weapons, and skills, in addition to supporting scenarios where both players are rolling multiple dice.


Infinity Marker Sheet Creator

This page allows you to easily create a printable PDF that has exactly the combination of markers and tokens that you desire for your army. It has all of the images from the official resources, plus several custom, altered, or fan-created tokens.



MayaNet is an army list creator originally created by Paul Clark that I am now a major contributor to. We strive to offer the best possible game play companion app for the iPad.